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Halloween 2011 – Paper Bag Princess


Well hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Leah and this is my blog, welcome. Ok, so this blog is centred around my teacher-librarianship course 477b, but I can see it going somewhere beyond once I get back into the swing of it (currently on maternity leave), I just need to find its purpose and place beyond the traditional practice to make the effort worthwhile.  I have used blogs in my classroom before, and liked them because they provided accessibility to all my students and their parents, while keeping everyone up to date on what was taking place in the classroom, homework, special events, etc.  However, blogging in the way we (the students and I), did it in the past didn’t seem to be that effective, I always felt like I was dragging to update it, and with the the lack of traffic from my intended audience (students and parents) my drive to keep things running slipped as well.  I did not give up, I saw it through for the whole school year, BUT decided to take a different approach to the online communication the following year with Edmodo.  Edmodo took the place of the online homework board, and added in new, much more relevant options for teachers such as: grade books, file sharing, badges,  safe methods of online student interactions, and the ability for parents who were interested to see how their child was performing in each subject.  I left the classroom blog world never to return, or so I thought…