Shop Talk – Follow Up



After each session of Shop Talk has finished it will be your job as the facilitator to market where you are going next, while showcasing the learning that has happened thus far.   Here are a few ideas you may want to try:

  • Individually touch base with those who participated last time, as well as those who didn’t and encourage them to come for the next Shop Talk.  A personal invitation goes a long way, whether you are encouraging new presenters, learners or both it is important to make people feel valued and included.
  • Provide a quick recap of learning at the following staff meeting, once again reiterating an invitation to all.  Here is another opportunity to show your 30-second video summary.
  • Post and email the next Shop Talk Agenda on Monday for Friday’s Pro-d.  The poster will serve as a visual reminder as well as help to build anticipation and generate conversations on staff.
  • Add a blurb about Shop Talk in the newsletters home to parents and encourage them to visit the website to see what is going on.



After you have a few sessions of Shop Talk are under your belt check in with how things are going.

What changes are you seeing?

What is working? What isn’t?

Are we still headed in the direction intended when this project began?  Why/why not?

Are you happy with the direction Shop Talk is headed?


Connect with staff and see if your personal reflections align with how others view the program so far.  What feedback are you receiving from the members of the group? What’s working, what needs tweaking?

Set an achievable goal for the next half of the project.  What would you like to see by the end of this school year?  How are you going to make it happen?

Connect with your virtual colleagues; check in with how their Shop Talk sessions going.  Problem share and solve together, and communicate your journey on your blog!





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